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Unifi Controller Wireless Statistics

A quick overview on getting wireless statistics from the Unifi wireless controller (click on images for larger size).

  • Step One: Login to the wireless controller (https://unifi4.swkls.org:8443/manage). You can only access this page from your library network! if you cannot remember your login credentials, please contact the system office.

  • Step Two: After logging into the controller, click ‘Insights’ on the left side of the screen.
Insights 2.png

  • Step Three: The screen will change and you will now have a drop-down menu in the top left corner. Change this by selecting ‘Past Connections’ from that drop-down options if it is not already.
Past connections-1-768x351.png

  • Step Four: Select the date range you wish to view using the date menu at the top-left. It is usually defaulted to ‘Last 24 Hours’.
Date range 1-1-768x351.png

  • Step Five: You can select a custom date range from the calendar drop-down or choose on of several predefined ranges including ‘Last Year’ for state reports. Click ‘Apply’ (green button) when finished. When selecting a yearly total, it may take a minute for the screen to count up the connections.
Date range 2-1-768x353.png

  • Step Six: After changing the date range, the total connections will appear at the top. In this example, the number in parentheses next to ‘All’ is the total (23681).

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