SWKLS Mobile Papercut Printer

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SWKLS Mobile Papercut Printer

These are the instructions for configuring the SWKLS mobile printer (Canon G3260 Inkjet) on a member library network and Papercut secondary server

Network Installation

The printer is preconfigured to establish a wireless connection on the secured network SSID

Initial Network Settings

  1. Setup / turn on printer
  2. Ensure that the ink valve lever is set to the correct position !!! (see printed instructions in box)
  3. Verify wireless network connection by looking at router DHCP leases.
  4. Note the IP address that is assigned
  5. Printer can be accessed via web interface if needed, use serial # on back of device as password to log in

Member Library Papercut Server

  1. Open Print Management (printmanagement.msc)
  2. Add a new printer using the IP address found in the prior steps
  3. The driver should be automatically obtained (Canon Inkjet Type4 Class Driver)
  4. Verify that the printer port is correct (TCP/IP, not WSD)
  5. Verify permission in Security Settings tab under Print Management (may need to allow Users group to manage)
  6. Verify installation by doing a test print (may need to open print queue and resume print job)

Windows Client Installation

  1. Download the Papercut Mobility Print installer
  2. https://papercut.com/products/ng/mobility-print/download/client/windows/
  3. Install the Mobility Print Client software (admin credentials required)
  4. Select the Canon G3260 during the installation
  5. Supply credentials for printing (67801 / 67801)