Security Cameras

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Low Cost Camera Considerations

In regards to cheaper alternatives such as Wyze and Ring cameras, there are several disadvantages.

  • These units typically use wireless to transmit data, whereas our recommendation is a hard-wired system (network).
  • Wireless cameras may have a negative impact on the library’s existing Wi-Fi and are prone to dropped signals due to interference from other devices sharing the same frequency spectrum.
  • They typically store data either locally (on the camera) or in a cloud account which is a subscription service.
    • The former method of storage has limitations on the amount of recording data as well as how it can be physically accessed.
    • The latter raises concerns over privacy regarding the sharing of video recordings by these companies without consent or a warrant, or the possibility of having the account and recordings compromised by hacking.
  • These cameras are designed for residential customers and do-it-yourselfers more so than businesses.

SWKLS Managed Systems

The SWKLS Technology Department may be able to offer a camera system that would be installed, configured, and maintained by SWKLS I.T. staff. We have installed systems at other member libraries and our office in Dodge. The costs to the library would be the initial price of components and software, plus hardware and/or software update or upgrade fees as they are required. We cannot install outside cameras unless adequate mounting location(s) and wiring access are already present. A site survey would be required to determine whether we can offer a solution.


Regardless of which company or vendor the library chooses to use for security cameras, the SWKLS I.T. department would ask that you let us know in advance of any installation so that we can properly configure the library network gear and segment the camera traffic.

Please remember that the installation and use of security cameras within your library will necessitate the creation of policies concerning video surveillance.

Please refer to the ALA guidelines:

Sample policy templates may be found here: