SWKLS UP!: How to Digitize you ILL Tracking System

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SWKLS U.P.!: How to Digitize Your ILL Tracking System

Hosted by Kelly and Jody

January 12, 2021

To receive a copy of the ILL Digital Template in Excel, email Kelly.

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Digitize ILL Tracking - Agenda

SWKLS U.P. Mission

SWKLS U.P. is designed to be an innovative blueprint for system unification. The objective of SWKLS U.P. is to nurture accessibility and system engagement together—to unify our system. Currently, we see many similarities and differences among our members. Each of our libraries has unique qualities which are to be celebrated! Within each library, we believe that unifying our workflows will result in the “planting” of healthy habits and procedures. Using the SWKLS Wiki as the “roots” of this blueprint, SWKLS U.P. will nurture four areas of growth: ILS (VERSO), ILL (SHAREit & OCLC), new directors, and technology.

Areas of Growth

Let’s imagine SWKLS Unity Project as a tree. The Wiki will serve as the “roots” of reference to nurture the blossoming of the SWKLS U.P. “tree”. SWKLS U.P. is designed to unify these four “branches” of our “tree”.

  1. Integrated Library System (ILS) = VERSO
  2. Integrated Loan (ILL) = SHAREit & OCLC
  3. Program to Welcome New Directors
  4. Technology

ILLs From SHAREit and OCLC

The State of Kansas uses SHAREit to manage ILLs. Items not found in SHAREit can be requested from OCLC through Kelly at the SWKLS office, using this link: https://swkls.org/for-librarians/request-forms/. SWKLS pays for a subscription to OCLC. Therefore, if your director approves, ILLers are welcome to order as many ILLs through OCLC as needed. Note: Your library will pay postage for returning OCLC ILLs, which usually costs $3.00 for USPS library mail.

The ILL “branch” of the SWKLS U.P. “tree” will unify how our members maintain their ILL activity. SWKLS U.P. will include many C.E. opportunities, including today’s session, which you will be able to find on the SWKLS Wiki by the end of this week. The SWKLS Wiki will be the “roots” of reference that will nurture a maximum level of success by unifying how we:

  • Customize SHAREit. (Coming Soon!)
  • Digitize tracking
  • Increase numbers of requests (by two OCLC requests/month?)
  • In the future, it may be possible to have two ILLers at each library

Session Agenda

  1. This Session is being recorded for future reference (Kelly)
  2. Welcome! (Kelly & Jody)
    • Participant introductions: tell us your name, library, and a fun fact about yourself
    • Thank you!
  3. Discuss agenda (Kelly)
  4. SWKLS Unity Project (Kelly)
    • wiki.swkls.org = reference for ILL documents, directions, recordings, etc.
    • Proposed calendar for 2021 specifically for ILL (Coming Soon!)
  5. Digitize Your ILL Tracking System with Excel (Kelly)
    • Saving the template after receiving it via email
    • The template
    • Monthly totals
    • Tabs
      • Moving, renaming, adding color
      • Tab: "Copy this"
    • Using the "Examples" tab, customize your template = very similar to word
      • Explanation of examples
      • Changing the font, colors, highlighting, alignment
      • Adding borders
      • Adding rows and columns
      • Auto-fit
    • Printing
      • Print selection, i.e. monthly total
      • Fit all on one page. You may need a larger sheet of paper
  6. Digitize Your ILL Tracking System with Google Sheets (Jody)
    • How to open the Excel workbook in Google Sheets from Gmail
      • Must have a Gmail account to use a Google Sheet
    • The benefits of using a Google Sheet
      • Saved automatically
      • Multiple users
    • Customization = similar to Word and Excel
  7. State Report, Part 11 (Kelly)
    • Look for “SHAREit Report Maps” on Wiki.swkls.org (Coming soon!)
  8. Agenda and template will be emailed to you; they will also soon be available on the SWKLS Wiki
  9. Check the Weekly Wrap-ups for future ILL workshops and documents. The Weekly Wrap-ups are for everyone

Digitize ILL Tracking - Agenda