Member Library Policies

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Member Library Policies

Accreditation Policy List

Per section 20, Library Accreditation and Development Accreditation Application, approved December 2020.

The library has written by-laws and policies on all of the following, and has electronically submitted those policies to the SWKLS policy repository.

  • Collection Management
    • Intelectual Freedom
    • Selection
    • Weeding
  • Personnel
    • Personnel
    • Continuing Education
    • By-Laws
  • Operations
    • Building/Room Use
    • Budget and Finance
    • Capital Improvements
    • Confidentiality of Library Records
    • Copyright
    • Emergency Preparedness / Disaster Recovery
    • Gifts
    • Internet Use
    • Kansas Children’s Internet Protection Act/KCIPA
    • Open Records/Meetings
    • Patron Behavior
    • Public Access to Online Services
    • Public Performances
    • Public Services

Repository of Accredited Member Library Policies

Sample Policies from ALA