Internet Issues

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The steps outlined below are for troubleshooting Internet issues

Initial Steps

  1. Verify whether or not the issue is with more than one website. Try accessing different websites to see if they are affected.
  2. Try a different computer or device.
  3. If the issue is only with your device, try restarting it.

If none of the steps outlined below resolve your issue, contact the SWKLS office before calling your ISP.

No Internet

  1. If you cannot access any websites
  2. Try another computer
  3. If the issue is only present on one device:
    1. Ensure that the network cable is plugged in properly
    2. If there is a switch under the desk that the cable(s) plug into, ensure that it has power
    3. For wireless devices, disable and re-enable the wireless connection on your device
  4. Check network equipment to see if everything is powered on
  5. Power-cycle ISP's modem (cable, wireless, or DSL services)
  6. Power-cycle your router
    1. Router is typically a Mikrotik brand
    2. Power cable is typically in the back of the unit
    3. Remove power plug for 10 seconds, then plug back in
  7. After power-cycling equipment, wait 5 minutes and try to access Internet on you computer(s) again

Contact the SWKLS office if you still cannot access the Internet

Cannot Load Webpage

  1. Does the webpage provide an error message or code other than This site can’t be reached?
  2. Can you access other websites?
  3. Common server-side responses that indicate an issue with the website end include:
    1. 400 Bad Request
    2. 404 Not Found
    3. 500 Internal Server Error
  4. The error messages listed above indicate a potential issue with the website you are attempting to access and will typically require fixing by the website owner.
  5. If a page loads an antivirus (ESET) warning, there is something potentially dangerous contained within the page.
  6. Other messages such as This site can’t be reached may require further troubleshooting by the SWKLS tech staff.

Slow Page Loads / Timeouts

  1. When one or a few pages load slowly or timeout
  2. Test the sites on another computer
  3. Run a speed test:
  4. Factors that affect speed include:
    1. Number of devices currently using Internet
    2. Router configuration (SWKLS deducts 15% to enable quality of service and fairness queueing)

Speed test results on an unloaded network (no other users) should be at roughly 85% of total bandwidth you pay for.