Zoom Meeting Scheduling

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How to schedule a Zoom Meeting

  • Go to https://zoom.us/
  • Log in with your username (example@domain.org) and password
  • Click on Meetings

meetings button highlight

  • Click on schedule a New Meeting
  • Enter a title for the meeting, pick a date, and a time.

creating new meeting

  • Scroll down and uncheck require meeting password if it's checked

uncheck meeting password

  • Scroll down and make sure Enable Waiting Room is checked and add an alternative host (if applicable)

enable waiting room checkbox

  • Click Save
  • A confirmation screen should pop up with the meeting info. Make sure it looks correct and then click on Copy invitation to copy the information to your clipboard. Then you can paste and copy it into an email and send it to others. You can also copy the Join URL from here.

join url