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Overview may be used for purchasing discounted software products as well as authenticating member libraries to third parties in regards to eligibility for discounted products and services. All SWKLS member libraries have a TechSoup account, usually under the Director's email address. In addition, SWKLS has an associated account linked to each member library account so that SWKLS can act as a Program Officer to make purchases and requests.

Account Updates

To ensure your (director) email account is correctly registered with TechSoup, please follow these steps:

  1. Check if your current email account is registered with TechSoup. If you already have login information, attempt to log in using this link:
  1. If you encounter an issue logging in due to an incorrect password, request a password reset by visiting:
  1. After successfully logging in, verify that your name appears correctly on the account by visiting:
  1. If your current email account is not associated or recognized by TechSoup, please get in touch with SWKLS. We will send an invitation to the correct email account and guide you through the remaining steps.