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Warranty Lookup

Following applies mainly to Lenovo brand computers

go to:

Download the latest template and open it up, enable editing and remove all example entries leaving only the top row intact

go to

Login to account and go to view the Computer Inventory

In the top right drop down change it from Form Builder View to Ship

warranty lookup 01

Click on the Ship Date to isolate entries without warranty information, and click on the boxes to the left of each entry to select them

Warranty Lookup 02

Once the wanted entries are selected go down to the bottom of the page and in the Excel row change it from all to selected and click generate

Warranty Lookup 03

Open up the excel file and delete the top 2 rows and keep only the columns to the left of Serial Number, delete the rest

Copy the Model and Serial Number entries, and paste them into the template you downloaded earlier and save it

Upload the file to the webpage where the template was downloaded from and start entering the information into the computer inventory entries using:

  • start column as ship date entries
  • end column as warranty 1 entries