3CX YealinkT48S Manual Setup

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3CX + Yealink T48S

Manual Configuration Steps

3CX Console

Phones > Add Phone section

  1. Phones > Add Phone
  2. Choose Extension to associate with phone
  3. Select model (T48S) and enter MAC address (see router > DHCP, remove colons)

Phone Provisioning > IP Phone section

  1. Select Interface (90.xxx)

VLAN Configuration section

  1. Enable VLAN for WAN Port
  2. VLAN 90
  3. OK
  4. (back to Phone Provisioning) Copy Provisioning Link (http://192.168.90.xxx:500/...)

Phone Web Interface

  1. Open Phone IP address in browser
  2. Login (default admin / admin)

Settings > Auto Provision

  1. Paste Provision Link from above step into Server URL field
  2. Confirm
  3. Auto-Provision Now